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SWIFT® Fitness - Making Outdoor Fitness Awesome! Our ethos is simple, to provide you with FUN, EFFECTIVE & VARIED workouts which you LOVE! We create and Pioneer Revolutionary Workouts to push the boundaries. It's simple, you are here to get in the best shape of your life, to get that flat stomach, the awesome toned arms and 'through the roof' energy levels. If you are looking for GUARANTEED Results, and GUARANTEED Fun, you are in the right place. 

Our MISSION is to help and support you through every step of the way. No military shouting or screaming, just motivational personal trainers with a LOVE for Transforming Bodies and Lives! 

We run our group sessions across London with over 300 sessions every month, we are sure there is a location that suits you. We are currently training in: Clapham Common, Fulham, Parsons Green, Wandsworth Common, Chiswick, Tooting Bec, Battersea Park, Wimbledon, Wandsworth Park, Green Park, London Bridge, Hyde Park, Regents Park, Highbury Fields, and we are expanding to new areas every month.


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Sam Warrington Fitness - Boot Camps and Personal Training - Founder
"When you join SWIFT®, you become part of a team, a group of people who are all rooting for you. From nutrition plans, home workouts, to keeping you motivated. My team of passionate trainers will get you to where you need to be as fast and efficiently as possible. I broke the industry trend by saying, no contracts or expensive fees, if you like what we do, you will stay with us. I promise to double your fitness, drop body fat, and lose inches from your waist, lets go." Sam Warrington


When you Join, you are part of a community and a group who want you to achieve your goals. We give you customised nutrition plans to suit your goals, we work with you so you learn about food and can make the right choices. Our FREE ONLINE FITZONE has everything you need to get and stay in great shape, from home workouts, proven programmes, e-books, and access to Sam Warrington and his Expert Team every day. Oh, did we mention it's all FREE when you join SWIFT Fitness?  


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