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30 Day Challenge - Body Transformation





Imagine wearing anything you want, turning heads on the beach, feeling confident every day, that would be amazing! The truth is, regardless of where you are at now, you are only a few changes away from your dream body. 

 If we said to you that in just 4 weeks you could lose up to 1.5 stone, transform your fitness levels, boosts your energy levels, and whats more, then give you your MONEY BACK at the end, what would you say? Let's go! 

Introducing the 30 Day Challenge, a programme for only 20 people. 

We challenge you for 30 days to transform your body, and fitness levels, with our comprehensive, winning formula. Here's what you get: 

Unlimited Boot Camp Membership

1 x Strategy Session 

4 x Personal Training Sessions 

In depth Diet Programme

The Ultimate Home Programme

Expert Advice from Sam Warrington


Our expert team will guide you every step of the way. Our proven techniques work every time, if you work with us and follow our trusted programme, you will succeed. 



The person who does the best, over the 4 week course gets their money back in FULL. We will review each clients progress, taking into account each day’s food diaries, photos, and feedback from their coaches. 


Just 20 places. We will select the 20 people who we think will be the best. Convince us. 

What we need from you: 

You will need to commit 100% to this programme, use the system, and change your old habits. 

Don't just take our word for it: 

Pippa: After a lot of deciding, umming and arring, I decided to embark on the 30 day challenge!....and would I choose differently if I could turn back time?....absolutely NOT! It has helped me in soo many ways... For such a transformation in both my physical and mental self...I have Chris to thank! And I do hope my constant pestering via text wasn't too irritating!...he is no doubt glad its over! - I, on the other hand, am lost! I'd prefer it to be a 360 day challenge, ha!

TinaI am sooooo shocked, overwhelmed and proud of myself! I started this challenge feeling fat, down-trodden, lethargic, demotivated, foggy headed, unfit, hopeless and with such low self esteem! The 30 Day Challenge was a glimmer of hope for me but I never in my wildest dreams could imagine that I could A) stick to it for 30 days B) enjoy it and C) feel motivated by the end to continue with this lifestyle now that it has finished! Thank you Sam and Chris for the support and advice! I am so pleased with my results and I hope you're as proud of me as I am! I hope the other girls/guys have also come away feeling as good as I have! Can't wait for the next 30 Day Challenge!!! I can't believe i have lost a stone and a half! 

Amie: In conclusion the 30 day challenge has been life changing my fitness levels have improved immensely, I look and feel better, I feel stronger, I have cut out old bad habits I now live a more balanced life and will keep these good habits throughout my life!

Anita: I can't believe the 30 day challenge is over already. Emotionally, I feel better, happier and healthier and will continue my fitness regime and diet. The thought of stopping hasn't even entered my mind. I have more energy than ever before. I have learnt to focus on my goals and work hard for them. Looking forward, I will definitely keep up with my new lifestyle. I?ve already spoken to Kwok about continuing with personal training sessions and setting my next goals. I can?t wait to get stuck in again!

Sharon: I took this challenge on a whim, was surprised to be selected for it and it has been totally great. I have loved working hard ( 4 workouts average a week, am even competitive now, wanting to do better than the person next to me.....when before it was 1 or occasionally 2 sessions/week). I am leaner, fitter, I have a defined waist, arm definition and I have felt full of energy and more upbeat about life than I have done in a long time, I am delighted and would do it again in a flash (am hoping to do another month with Katy in September) Thank you!

Olivia: I'm happy to say that I have achieved my goal. I feel amazing and love seeing the results! 

Alice: My goal was to prove to myself that I can make changes and I have succeeded. I have never achieved such noticeable results in such a short period of time and am now really looking forward now to keeping up the bootcamps and continuing with my new healthy diet. Thanks for this SW – couldn’t have done it alone!



Just £199 for the entire package. If you are the winner, you will get this back in FULL, 100% within a week. 



If you achieve the most, and win the challenge, we will give you your money back in Full. Only 1 winner, selected by Sam Warrington. Good luck! 

Starts 1st May 

Entries close this Sunday. 



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Only 20 spaces available.  30 days to change your body, your mind, and everything about what you thought about fitness.  If you win the challenge, you get your money back in...
£199.00RRP: £400.00 - you save £201.00!
30 Day Challenge
Confirm your place today & make the commitment to your body that 2014 will be the year you smash your fitness goals and look amazing.  This deposit is non refundable. 
30 Day Challenge Deposit
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