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Wimbledon Park Boot Camp

Wimbledon Park Boot Camp
Wimbledon Park Boot CampOutdoor Fitness Classes Wimbledon Park - SW Fitness Boot Camp

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Session Length: 45-60Mins
Nearest Station: Southfields
Your Wimbledon Park Boot Camp is one of our most popular boot camps, set in the wonderful Wimbledon Park. Perfect for local residents, and commuters returning after a long day in the city. We will be in the park every week with a varied session waiting for you! 

Your personal trainer will be guiding you through each workout, motivating and pushing you. No shouting and screaming, just motivating trainers ready to help! Your boot camp in Wimbledon Park will push you hard, but only as hard as you want to work. Everyone works at different levels. We encourage you to find your limits and work within them. We mark out an area of say 20x30ft and then stay within this area, so regardless of your fitness levels, you won't ever be left behind. 

BAGS/COATS: We create a bag pile and then train around the bags, they are very safe. 

CHANGING: There are toilets at Southfields station, otherwise you will have to get changed before. 

MEETING POINT:  Next to the car park, Inside the main gates opposite Revelstoke Road, trainers will be wearing a bright green t-shirt. Click me for map.  

SOCIAL:  Wimbledon Park is without doubt our most social camp, expect to make some friends, and get involved with our many socials.  

Each session is different to the last, you will be amazed at what our trainers can do to give you a varied, effective workout every week.

We are no longer running camps here, however, your nearest camps are very close in Clapham, Fulham, Battersea and Tooting. Click here

Pay as you Train £12
Student Unlimited £36/month
Unlimited sessions £49/month